UGI and MGC are one of the preferred trenching contractors in Australia because of our high quality of work and timely delivery of projects. Since trenching may not be the same for every region, depending on the quality of the soil and the land, we combine different equipment to provide tailored solutions that perfectly meet your requirements. Our team uses latest equipment and machinery to ensure that all our work is done safely and results in high satisfaction of our customers. We provide our services to a wide spectrum of industries.

Airport Lighting Trenching

We have the right equipment and machines to ensure that trenching work for installing airport lighting is completed accurately and in a timely manner. Our team ensures that the work is completed to your satisfaction and is done exactly as required.

Our team successfully completed three airport lighting projects – Degrussa Airport Lighting, Christmas Creek Airport Lighting and Yandayarra airport lighting trenching projects.

Electric Cables

Another area where we have offered our trenching services is in the installation of underground electric cables. In addition to completing the trenching and laying of 300km railway signal cables, we have also done trenching work to install the main street lighting of Shire of Exmouth. These projects helped us understand the requirements of companies and the government when it comes to installing electric cables and the importance of safety while the work is being completed.

We regularly research the industry for new and better equipment that can improve the level of services and also ensure higher safety for all our employees and any partners associated with us during the project.

Fibre Optics

Our team has delivered high quality results for companies that require trenching for fibre optics installation. Many of our past projects have involved the laying down of fibre optics in different areas of Australia. Some of these projects are the National Broadband Project where we have served clients like SA Power Networks, Fulton Hogan, Service Stream and Silcar Communications.

Directional Boring

Some of our projects involve directional boring in addition to trenching to make sure that the installation of the utilities are done properly. We strongly believe in delivering high quality results which is why we have a number of different equipment and machineries that we combine for our projects.

A number of fibre optics installation projects have required directions laboring and trenching to be combined for the installation to be completed effectively.

Trenching in rock

A number of times, we come across situations when we end up trenching in rock. Depending on the quality of the land and soil, trenching in rock requires us to use different types of machineries and equipment. The most important thing is to have the expertise of trenching in rocky areas so that the work is completed without any hassles or problems.

Our team and our machines form the core of our success. Their work helps us aim for higher goals and successfully achieve the targets we set for our business.