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Grade control Australia-wide

Murchison Grade Control (MGC) Civil & Mining provides grade control services to mine sites across Australia and beyond. With over 30 years of experience improving the productivity of mine sites, and the pioneering of Ditch Witch® trenching equipment for open pit grade control under our belts, we are Australia’s trusted grade control supplier in the civil and commercial sectors. Murchison Grade Control Pty Ltd can quote on large and small projects, supply dedicated site services for customers requiring continuous availability or provide prompt mobilisation as required to meet your requirements.

What is grade control?

Grade control is a method of checking the grade (quality) of ore on a mine site by drilling holes in a relatively tight pattern, garnering samples, and testing them. The information garnered by grade control in the form of samples can help to define the boundaries of where workers should mine by how profitable it will be and how to prevent important mineral from being lost.

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Innovations in grade control

Grade control was traditionally a process overseen by geologists, but with the development of technological grade control systems that can guide earthmoving machinery including crawler dozers and motor graders on the desired depth, slope, and alignments, has been improved in productivity and cost benefit.

UGI & MGC Horizontal Directional Drilling Lonsdale

Benefits of grade control

Grade control sampling systems are programmed, executed, and tracked without the need for human supervision, grade stakes, preparation or repeated checks. Some grade control systems do not require drill hole survey mark-out and pick-up, and some can even be monitored remotely from around the world in real time. This eliminates the cost of labour and speeds up the process.

Grade control systems determine where mining will be profitable, ensure important material will not be lost, and do it quickly and cheaply, compared to traditional methods.

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Grade control trenching

Murchison Grade Control uses Ditch Witch® trenching equipment for open pit grade control. This grade control technique was pioneered by Company's Director Warwick Archer and Geologist Adrian Griffin. As the pioneering company in this grade control method, we are equipped and experienced to complete quality grade control work.

The Ditch Witch® sample provides an excellent high density continuous sample across strike enhancing visual control and sub-surface exposure for mapping. Collection of the finely ground, well mixed sample is simple, fast and labour efficient and requires little additional laboratory preparation.

Medium length trench

Additional services

MGC’s experience with trenching equipment for grade control enables us to provide additional services for a range of projects including the installation of underground utilities, pipeline construction, airport lighting, and communications installation, especially in remote areas.

Long length trench

Our grade control consultancy services

Not every grade control job is created equal. Murchison Grade Control provide a consultancy service to advise you on how to get the most out of your grade control job. We consult our customers on:

  • Choice of services (contract, lease, or capital purchase)
  • Grade control machine selection
  • Grade control machine preparation
  • Operator training with grade control
  • Maintenance crew training with grade control
  • Maintenance and repair procedures
  • Transport and handling
  • Grade control operation
  • Sampling techniques
  • Spare parts inventories
  • Spare parts acquisition
  • Record keeping
Ditch Witch RT115

Our grade control projects

We have provided grade control on a variety of long-term, high-profile projects, including:


Cable laying

In 1985-Present, we provided open pit grade control to over 50 mine sites:

  • Client Regis Resources
  • Moolart Well
  • Garden Well
  • Rosemont Gold Mine


Directional drilling


See all our projects here

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