Trenching, Directional Digging and Vacuum Excavation Equipment Hire | South and Western Australia

Here at UGI & MGC Mining and Civil, we provide trenching, directional digging, vacuum excavation and underground utility installation equipment for hire that can complete projects in a variety of weather conditions and locations. Whether you reside in Western Australia, South Australia, Perth, Adelaide, Lonsdale, Port Augusta, Kalgoorlie or surrounding areas, all our projects are completed according to the timelines provided by our clients using a combination of equipment that can help us complete the project with accuracy and precision. Our team has the experience to handle small and large projects effectively as well as being able to utilise our equipment for hire to undertake all project requirements. Contact UGI & MGC Mining and Civil to discuss our equipment hire rates.

UGI & MGC Mining and Civil Equipment Hire | South and Western Australia

  • Ditch Witch RT115 Heavy Duty Earth Saws with Cab. X 2 
  • Ditch Witch 8020T Heavy Duty Earth Saw with Cab. X1 
  • Ditch Witch RT115 Chain Trencher. X1 
  • Ditch Witch AT30 Directional Boring Machine with Cab. X1
  • Ditch Witch JT2020 Directional Boring Machine. X1
  • Ditch Witch JT922 Directional Boring Machine.x1
  • Ditch Witch FX30 Vac Truck. X 2
  • Ditch Witch DWA250 Vac Trailers. X2
  • Vermeer RT450 Chain Trencher.
  • Optic Fibre cable winch and various cable reel carriers.
  • Various Trucks, excavators, and trailers.

We also use various other equipment which helps us provide specialises civil services to our clients. In addition to our field equipment, we also have a range of plant equipment including, 4WD field vehicles and trucks which helps us complete our services in a safe and effective way.

Tracked Ditch Witch JT2020

Hire specialised utility location and installation services across WA and SA.

Specialised trenching and directional drilling equipment for hire

High Quality Equipment for Hire

Each piece of machinery for hire that we supply to our clients for their project is regularly serviced and inspected on a consistent basis. This ensures that you don’t have any concerns about the quality of our machinery for hire and this significantly reduces on-site breakdowns, which slows your project timeline down. Give UGI & MGC Mining and Civil a call or fill out our online enquiry form to discuss our equipment hire rates.

Ditch Witch RT115

Equipment Hire Locations | South Australia to Western Australia

Being in the civil industry for over 30 years, we understand how important acquiring the correct piece of machinery for hire that can undertake your project. This is why we supply our trenchers for hire, vacuum trucks for hire and boring machines for hire to a wide array of locations in South Australia and Western Australia, including Adelaide CBD, Port Augusta, Port Lincoln, Kalgoorlie and surrounding areas. Give the team a call or fill out our online enquiry form to discuss our equipment wet hire rates.

Ditch Witch JT30

Looking to Hire Our Underground Installation Equipment? Contact UGI & MGC Mining and Civil

UGI & MCG Mining and Civil pride itself on being able to provide equipment for hire that is able to complete your project requirement, whether that its trenching, underground utility installations, directional digging or vacuum excavation. We don’t settle for anything less than exceptional performance from our machinery for hire, so if you are in the rural or metropolitan areas of South and Western Australia, give UGI & MCG Mining and Civil a call or fill out our online enquiry form.



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